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New Every Time I Die Album Update

Every Time I Die have completed work on their new album, 'New Junk Aesthetic' and will be released on Epitaph later this year.

A blog from the band can be seen by clicking read more.

"NEW JUNK AESTHETIC" is in the bag. its a fucking great record and jordan has done a superb job with the art work. for the first time we'll actually put out 11 tracks, plus 2 for a deluxe edition to be released by epitaph later this year. greg DEP and Matt BRONX appear on "the Marvelous Slut" and "The Sweet Life" respectively. our very own andy williams is in this months issue of ALTERNATIVE PRESS talking about how black flag changed his life. please go read it. first time i ever heard black flag was on my way to the dentist. some weird dude i didnt even know drove me there. why the fuck was a stranger driving me to the dentist when i was so young? where were my parents? what an odd memory. also, the premier of my new column "hey, you in the back" is in this issue as well. for the first time in about 45 years we have the summer off and i have alot of shit on my plate (not literally) that im excited to start/finish. im gonna be working on the damned things demos. if you dont know yet, you will. trying to open a new bar/venue in buffalo. movie treatment done and awaiting word on the next step of what will prove to be a long and laborious process but one that will hopefully pay off. check the tour dates for a few one offs we're playing next week. i was just in the van for 49 straight hours so im a little beat up. ill keep checking in. love most of you. keith and etid.

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