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New Paramore Member

Taylor York has officially become a member of Paramore. A messege from the band can be read below:

"EVERYONE!!!! The members of Paramore have a special announcement to make:

We recognize the fact that it’s way overdue. Oh well. Today is the day. The four of us (Hayley, Zac, Josh and Jeremy) are proud to announce that Taylor York, a touring member of Paramore for over 2 years, is now an official member of the band!

In case you don’t know… and you probably don’t… Taylor has been around since the very early days of Paramore. Perhaps even before we began. He actually helped write some of our “fan-favorite” songs such as “Conspiracy” off our debut record, All We Know Is Falling and “That’s What You Get” from RIOT! So as you can see, there really isn’t anyone else we could find who would fit in quite the same.

So, without further ado, we give you… the newest and final addition to Paramore:


Alter The Press!