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Vice On Victory Introduce New Singer

Vice On Victory have introduced a new lead singer, Erica from Fight! Fight! Fight!.

Messege from the band:

"New TOURS are being booked as we speak and the guys and gal will be on the road within the next 3-4 weeks.

A new myspace layout is in the works , new merch and new MUSIC too boot!

Go to the new page and say hi to the new members, including Erica from FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! taking over the vocals!

Trevor checked in the from the band stating, "We have our lineup solid and better than ever. With our old members wanting to stay like Paramore with the look and the clothing style we decided to part ways. No hard feelings. They have their style they are trying to copy and we are trying to make NEW music. We were getting too many Paramore rip off chants in the past and the clothing, lets just say the Miami Vice look that will last about 6 more months is gone. We were lucky to land the best female singer out there today! Erica from Fight Fight Fight! Erica brings a huge range in her vocals and better yet and doesn't use autotune. We are solid and ready see you guys on the road with the new lineup and some new music. Thanks for your patience and make sure you grab a copy of Glitter and Gold IN STORES NOW!"


Alter The Press!