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Album Review: Battle For Paris - With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak On In Vowels EP

Dorset 5-piece Battle For Paris' latest EP, 'With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak On In Vowels' combines duelling guitars, storming vocals, and melodic bass lines. Not in a long while has there been an unsigned band, that have been able to push all the right buttons and keeps you guessing.

Opening track 'Fuck Your Déjà Vu' has the listener gripped from the off, grasping you by the scruff of your neck and throwing you head first into a blend of heavy, melodic, screaming perfection. A progressive drum-beat and catchy guitar rift make the listener feel that they are part of the track, leaving you gasping for breathe and eager for what's next.

Frank Carter-like vocals, combined with a solid backing band make "Baby, You Are My Ammunition Dump" steady but safe, not pushing the boundaries as much as other tracks. Calmer beats and little screaming make it an all round softer listen, almost feeling out of place on this bone shaking heavy E.P. However it still shows potential and a glimpse of what this band one day could be, something spectacular.

'I Have The Jigsaw Man's Hands' has an opening that easily has the potential to stick in your head and have the listener humming all day long. In addition to this, fast paced vocals and electrifying guitars soon make you want to start jumping around. Exciting the listener and creating a sense of something big to come, paves the way for an unprecedented eagerness to experience Battle For Paris live.

Bigger things are definitely something this Battle For Paris can look forward too. Not often does a band show so much potential in such early days. Musically talented and catchy, Battle For Paris most certainly have a flourishing music life ahead of them. In a such a busy scene, originality is hard to come by, this however, seems to be no problem to a band obviously hungry for success. Step aside for a new breed of screamo material.


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Gareth Price

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