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Album Review: Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood

Brooklyn's Kevin Devine seems to have never been able to write a compelling and consistent album. However that has now all changed with 'Brother's Blood', his first album to receive a full release in the UK, on Big Scary Monsters Records.

The record starts in usual Devine style, 'All Of Everything, Erased' is laid back and soft with just Devine and his guitar settling the listener in to this 51 minute record.

A skill Devine has always done well both on record and live, is to draw the listener in and create a captivating atmosphere. This is exactly what 'Carnival' does, its slow and floats along at the perfect pace, that draws you and makes you realise Devine is indeed a special talent.

For those with the pre-conception that Devine is just an acoustic solo artist, you will be surprised as tracks like 'Another Bag Of Bones' and 'Brother's Blood' are for the most part, full band tracks, with the latter also showing Devine's song-writing talent at its best and most passionate.

Whilst there are some tracks (Fever Moon and 'It's Only Your Life') that could be ignored, as they go down the folk-y ballad road, they still are able to keep you listening and grabbing on to Devine's every sentimental word.

'I Could Be With Anyone' is Devine at his most upbeat, with a electronic drum track leading the track into a chorus where he (and his God Damn Band) just lets go and it proves to be one of the album's stand out tracks.

Closing track, 'Tomorrow's Just Too Late' rounds off the record perfectly, with its simplicity of Devine, his guitar and guest vocalist, Brand New's Jesse Lacey creating a captivating and beautiful conclusion.

With 'Brother's Blood', Kevin Devine has lived up to his potential and has written a record that is his most consistent. In addition to this, it is Devine at his most captivating, as he has been able to hook the listener in throughout and at the same time, able to create a mood that leaves you mesmerized.


'Brother's Blood' by Kevin Devine is released through BSM Records on July 20th.
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Sean Reid

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