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Album Review: A Word Like.Attack - Though We Aren't Birds, We're Still Given To Flight EP

Southampton's A Word Like.Attack fuse Post-Hardcore with Electronica, via various other musical niches. Luckily though, for those expecting something reminiscent of Enter Shikari's tried, tested and recycled formulae, then thankfully, you will be mistaken.

Ambition is never a bad thing, and in this (albeit short three track) EP, it is present in abundance. Opening track 'Good Luck In Your Future Endeavours,' is easily the strongest of the three songs, remaining edgy and aggressive, yet ultimately melodic. The band cite musical similarities to band including Deftones, and 65 Days of Static, however an attempt to pigeonhole such a band would prove a difficult task.

Vocals are quintessentially English, and at times in the vein of the now defunct Reuben. Musically though this is where any correlation between both bands ends.

Tracks revert from Electronica and Post-Hardcore with ease. Execution however is not yet on par with that of their contemporaries. Fusions between ambient, and hardcore are well documented, leaving A Word Like.Attack with a mammoth task to climb. That said, this EP (only the bands third) is still a very good effort from a relatively new band.

The Southampton five-piece are throwing generic conventions out of the window, and attempting to write their own rule book. While they might not yet be the finished product, given time, they could become very good indeed.


'Though We Aren't Birds, We're Still Given To Flight' is self released on July 20. More information is available on the band's myspace.
Chris Powers

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