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Interview: The Dangerous Summer

Earlier this year Maryland four-piece released their debut album, 'Reach For The Sun', an energetic record with fierce, strong pop-rock songs with emo sentiment. In addition to this, 'Reach For The Sun' has been well-received by both critics and fans. Their sound has been compared to the likes Valencia and The Starting Line.

In the past they have toured with bands such as Sparks The Rescue, The Morning Of and The Secret Handshake. At present they are on tour with Ace Enders and A Million Different People and Person L on 'The BBQ Across America Tour', which sees the band playing over 30 dates untill the end of July

Sean recently asked guitarist Cody Payne a few questions about 'Reach For The Sun', the histroy of the band, future plans and the likelihood of coming over to the United Kingdom.

ATP: Tell us a bit about the history of the band. I understand you formed whilst still in High School?
Cody: Well we have always been in bands together since the beginning of high school. We didnt really play together at all during junior year but in the summer before senior year we decided to start this band. We didnt play any shows until we had an EP fully written and recorded and we sort of just jumped right into touring, we figured there was no point establishing yourself as a local band unless you want people to think of you as a local band.

ATP: You’ve just released your new album ‘Reach For The Sun’. You worked with previous producer Paul Leavitt, how was it work with him again?
Cody: It was awesome working with him. He is from our home town and we have been working with him for years so it was natrually who we trusted with our first full length.

ATP: Are you surprised by the positive reaction the record has been getting?
Cody: We were all really really nervous for the reaction we were gonna get from this album since it was our first full length and that usually is a crucial point in a bands career. It has been amazing seeing such high praise on this album.

ATP: There seems to be a positive energy throughout the album. What were the main influences when the album was being written?
Cody: I think the main "influence" on this album was just us wanting to write good music. We spent a year at home doing pretty much nothing, so after a while we just needed to write and record a new album and then hit the road. During that time hope we started listening to a bunch of new music and it really helped shape our sound, bands like Weatherbox, Tegan and Sara, Death Cab, Rise Against and Polar Bear Club.

ATP: How did you become involved with Hopeless Records?
Cody: We met Rian from All Time Low at a guitar center and showed him our EP and he liked it a bunch and showed the rest of his band. They came out to a few shows and put us on a couple shows with them, they sort of hooked up the whole thing with Hopeless, cool thing for them to do.

ATP: You’ve been on the road a lot so far this year with numerous bands (Sparks the Rescue, Anarbor and Racing Kites). Any moments that stands out from those shows?
Cody: I think the craziest thing for us was when we went to Canada, we werent really expecting anyone to know us but tons of people came out and knew all the words. That was just amazing.

ATP: Did you notice any differences at shows after the album was released?
Cody: A lot more people have been coming out to the shows, which has been amazing, we are just hoping it continues to go in that direction.

ATP: You’re set to go on tour with Ace Enders and Person L soon. Were you fans of either Ace’s or Kenny’s former bands when growing up?
Cody: We definitely listened to those bands when we were younger, their new projects are amazing, we are so so happy to be touring with them.

ATP: How do you spend your time when you’re not playing shows?
Cody: For the most part we just spend a LOT of time on the internet. We try to run to keep in shape, and we write a ton of ideas for songs... most of them get forgotten.

ATP: What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Cody: Right now I think we are just looking to do a lot of touring and taking some time off here and there to write and relax, nothing serious with the writing, maybe just demoing a few new ideas so we can think on them for a while.

ATP: Any plans to come over to the United Kingdom?
Cody: I really hope so, we have been wanting to come over there for a while. We really want to establish ourselves over here before we go over there, but hopefully sometime within the next year!

ATP: Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Cody: Check out the new album! Tell all your friends, and come hang out at a show!

'Reach For The Sun' by The Dangerous Summer is available now through Hopeless Records.
More information about The Dangerous Summer including tour dates can be found here.

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