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Max Bemis Comments On New Say Anything Album

Say Anything front man Max Bemis has posted a blog regarding the forthcoming Say Anything album:

"I'm like a joyous father today because we get to announce that our new record "Say Anything" is coming out October 13th, 2009. As I've said recently of the record, my opinion is that it literally defines everything about the band we've built so far. If you like us or love us from the bottom of your heart, be excited.

Some deets: The running theme of the record is finding the mental superhero within yourself despite having seen some dark times. After all of the stuff you've heard me sing and write about that overtook me for the better part of a decade, I finally found a way to fight back, and this is the story of how.

A few of my favorite songs on the record are "Mara and Me", "Death for My Birthday" , "Do Better", "Crush'd" and "Hate Everyone". There going to be thirteen songs all together, the first one being a introduction to the record called "Fed to Death".

Though it's hard to describe the quote-un-quote sound, I can try; "Say Anything" is akin to Botch forcing themselves on the Beatles and fathering a strange Larry David-esque midget, who is abandoned due to his freakish nature and adopted by Billy Joe Armstrong. This record is quite a bit more fun than our last record, but still expectedly evil. The point is, we're very proud of it and we only hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed taking our music to what we perceive as the place we've always wanted it to go.
Hmmmm...any other tidbits...uhh...Debra Messing is indeed mentioned on the record. No joke! We love you, Debra!

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