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Pick Kevin Devine's Setlist On US Tour

Kevin Devine is giving fans the opportunity to pick the setlist for his upcoming US tour this August.

Kevin posted the following statement:

"These are my first solo acoustic shows on "Brother's Blood" and I'd like to make them as freewheeling and collaborative an experience as possible. So here's what we'll do:

- You pick up a ticket to the show.
- Make a list of your 5-10 favorite songs I play.
- Write me an e-mail at with the show you'll be attending in the subject and the songs you'd like to hear in the body.

And voila: like a true Greek democracy, whichever songs collect the most votes any given night will be woven into the setlist.

One word of encouragement: get creative. Write what you feel, but the odds are you'll hear "Cotton Crush" and "Just Stay" and "Ballgame" regardless, so dig a bit. Let's have some fun with this, and if it works out well, maybe it's something we revisit in fuller fashion down the road."

Dates as follows:

Aug 4 @ The Basement, Columbus, OH

Aug 5 @ The House Cafe, Dekalb, IL

Aug 6 @ Pike Room @ The Crofoot, Pontiac, MI

Aug 9 @ Musica, Akron, OH

Aug 11 @ The Note, West Chester, PA

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