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Sky Eat Airplane Vocalist Departs

Sky Eats Airplane and singer Jerry Roush have gone their separate ways.

Statement from the band:

"After touring for the past two years together, SEA and our singer Jerry Roush have decided to part ways. We hate to see him go, but our creative differences make this the best option for everyone. We are still on good terms and wish Jerry good luck with whatever he chooses to do. As for the rest of the band, SEA is pushing on with a ton of new material: Zack and I (Lee) are going to be flying up to Travis' practice space up in Delaware to write killer riffs and to start jamming on the new stuff in the near future. We appreciate you, our fans, sticking with us through this. We can't wait to show you everything we've been working on! And as far as the singing spot we have open, if you are interested please contact us at Thanks!"

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