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Album Review: A.A. Bondy - When The Devil's Loose

Scott Bondy, better known as A.A. Bondy, is a native Alabama nu-folk singer/songwriter who played in 90's rock/grunge band, Verbena.

He's set to release his forthcoming sophomore album "When the Devil's Loose" September 1st on Mississippi-based Fat Possum Records. Although Bondy has received mass amounts of praise from indie publications, and SXSW goers alike, he has oddly enough remained mainly under the radar. He recently wrapped up a tour opening for Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, and is kicking off a headlining tour on September 8th in Boston.

"When the Devils Loose" features 10 affective and infectious tracks with straightforward lyrics that brilliantly create a vivid world of emotion and tonality. Its portrayal of the human struggle is mesmerizing, and the album instantly becomes one to reflect on past, present, and future.

At first listen, the album appears more upbeat than his 2007 debut "American Hearts," but listen closer and you'll hear the same dark similarities. This time around, Bondy has enlisted a full backing band, adding instruments and layers, but the intimacy remains. From the painfully straightforward "Oh the Vampyre" to the apocalyptic themed "A Slow Parade" to the sweet and tender lullaby "On the Moon," this album will not dissapoint. Its haunting, rustic harmonies and dark atmosphere are set at just the right southern-bluesy pace to make A.A. Bondy unique enough to refrain from being grouped in with other singer/songwriters and leave you humming while you reach for repeat.


'When The Devil's Loose' by A.A. Bondy is released on September 1st on Fat Possum Records.

Kristin Stubblefield

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