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Album Review: Blakfish - Champions

Birmingham's Blakfish have been causing a bit of stir for quite some time now and finally the band have got round to releasing their debut album, 'Champions', a record that combines raw punk rock with aggressive hardcore. From the start, you get the impression Blakfish aren't happy about the current economy, 'Economics' is a frantic number where they declare 'BANKERS! YOU HEARTLESS, BASTARDS!'. This fierce, energetic performance sets the tone, that continues throughout.

Despite tracks like, 'Your Hair's Straight, But Your Boyfriend Ain't' and 'If The Good Lord Had Intended Us To Walk, He Wouldn't Have Invented Roller Skates' manage to steady proceedings down momentarily and show the band are able construct themselves here and there. This is not to say the band are messy; that is there aim and purpose and is ideal for them.

Elsewhere 'The Closer To The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat' sees the band taking the dynamics of bands like Glassjaw but with a bit British mentality and vigor. Whilst 'I'm Laughing Now . . . But It's No Joke' sees the band at their most accessible even though its still a little jagged at the edges, it still works.

'Champions' is a record full of life and sounds somewhat fresh yet hectic. Blakfish at times are fierce and on the whole, sound like a very pissed off band yet; to an extent, they have a slight hint of British sarcasm, that makes this record even more enjoyable. On first listen this sounds a messy, unstructured record but on further listen you begin to understand the band's aim, as they enabled themselves to hide small melodic parts underneath guitars and vocals that are forced in front of you.

With this release, Blakfish are throwing themselves head first to the forefront of British independent music, and they have no reason not to as 'Champions' is refreshing and innovative.


'Champions' by Blakfish is released on Big Scary Monsters/Hassle Records on Monday August 10th.

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Sean Reid

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