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Album Review: Kill Casino - Paper Walls and The Voice Downstairs

Female-fronted trio, Kill Casino showcase a hell of a lot of attitude and bite on their latest release, 'Paper Walls and The Voice Downstairs'. After a brief intro track, the record kicks in with 'Reykjavik'. An adrenaline-filled track with a grungy, punk rock tone, as vocalist Karen Luan stands out with an impressive voice.

Next is 'Second Sight', which again uses the formula of fierce, edgy punk rock with strong, raw vocals. Despite no song lasting no longer that 3 minutes, Kill Casino are still able to build structure and the occasional catchy chorus, as seen on 'You Came I Saw'.

Whilst 'Nightclubs' has a swaying tempo but keeps its spikey guitar sound, that is constant throughout with a vocal delivery reminiscent of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O. Thankfully they ditch the fast-paced, loud punk rock before it becomes overbearing, as closing track 'Disbelief' is a simple acoustic number, that gives plenty of space for Luan's lyrics to be sang clearly.

On the whole 'Paper Walls and The Voice Downstairs' does show hints of originality and promise, but you are left with the impression that, Kill Casino could of tweaked a few things here and there. As the structure and style used throughout, becomes somewhat repetitive even though underneath there are signs of a highly talented band, who could do better given the chance.


'Paper Walls & The Voice Downstairs' by Kill Casino is available now through Nothing Stay Golden Records.

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