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Album Review: Moneen - The World I Want To Leave Behind

Its been 3 years since Moneen's last full-length (2006's 'The Red Tree'). in that time there has been a change of drummer and 2 EPs and a DVD, with the last EP being 'Hold That Sound' from earlier this year. It was an EP that hinted at the bands new direction, one which is more mature and calmer. This is something they have carried forward on to, 'The World I Want To Leave Behind'.

After the brief, soft title track intro, the record bursts into 'Hold That Sound' a bass-heavy number with light guitars that is instant, with a swaying chorus that sees the band, showing their rocking side but with a more relaxed vigor. It is a superb track that speaks volume, and sets the tone right for the rest of the record.

Throughout they manage to keep up the momentum, with tracks like 'Great Escape' and 'The Monument'; complex guitar riffs and drum beats at a good pace, make tracks like these favourable.

Nonetheless the bands more softer side is equally dominate. One of the album highlights, 'Believe' contains a superb build up that creates a nice atmosphere, with a good mix of harmonies and its simple structure. This is followed up with 'Redefine' and 'The Way', 2 tracks that sees, lead vocalist Kenny Bridges taking on a more softer delivery, with the former occasionally coming to life with a full band performance and a nice piano playing over the top. Whereas 'The Way' is slow, almost ballad-like with strings sweeping in throughout.

Later on 'Red Eyes' shows the band slightly catchier side, with a chorus built around "woahs" and all-round upbeat performance. Whereas 'Waterfalls' and 'Lighters' sees the band once again, slowing things down with the latter going off, into a tight instrumental performance.

It is safe to say, for the most part, Moneen are not as aggressive as they once were. Instead we have a band, who are calmer and more mature; both lyrically and musically. 'The World I Want To Leave Behind' proves to be consistent throughout and flows with great ease, which makes it a highly favourable record. Its structure is ideal, as the loud and soft parts come in at the right time. This leaves you with the impression that, despite being a bit older and wiser, Moneen can still rock out when they want to.


'The World I Want To Leave Behind' by Moneen is released on September 15th on Vagrant Records (Dine Alone Records in Canada).

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