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Album Review: They Were Stars - Own Your Atoms

The indie pop-rock genre is quite a difficult genre to standout from, however Dallas' They Were Stars manage to pull it off with 'Own Your Atoms'. It is a record that combines all the above mentioned well, with opener 'Weathervane' showing this. A bass-driven number with a hooky chorus is the struture the band pull off well and, more or less, stick to it throughout.

Tracks like 'Baltimore' and 'Every Now and Then' have that light pop sound blending with a rock edge that is effective and enjoyable to listen to. The latter especially will please fans of Jimmy Eat World, as does 'Erased'; a softer track with calm vocal delivery from Collin Cable.

Where as 'Obvious' and 'What It Means' are upbeat and is highly catchy, that will soon have you singing along. 'Impossible' is a somewhat simple number but it manages to keep up the records momentum and consistency. Elsewhere 'Skeletons' is a more jazzy, slightly experimental track and shows the bands ability to change things a little.

On the whole 'Own Your Atoms' is simple yet enjoyable record, that you will helplessly have on repeat for quite sometime. They Were Stars' ideas are perhaps not the most original but they use these to the best of their ability.


'Own Your Atoms' by They Were Stars is available now.


Sean Reid

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