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Single Review Round-Up: Pharaohs, Scream! Shout! Say Nothing, Ready 2 Fall & David Gibb

This single review round-up includes new singles from, Pharaohs, Scream! Shout! Say Nothing, Ready 2 Fall and David Gibb.

Pharaohs - Squashed Against My Wall
released on September 7th All Aboard Records
Kent's Pharaohs brand of charming indie pop doesn't step out of the box but is still an impressive effort. Singalong elements and jangling, complex guitars prove to be a winner, as both 'Squashed Against My Wall' and b-side 'Richard Grip' are nice examples of this. Pharaohs are definitely one to look out for the future.


Scream! Shout! Say Nothing - Well I Never, You Always
released now on Scylla Records
Hertfordshire-based Scream!Shout! Say Nothing manage to create a warm, textured sound with their combination of post-hardcore and gang vocals; without speeding off and going 100MPH. As 'Well I Never, You Always' goes along at a steady, acceptable pace and has a simple structure. Whilst b-side 'But Sir I'm The King' is a more atmospheric and thought out number with a good build-up, that leads to a good blend of harmonies and exploded guitars.


Ready 2 Fall - The Last Goodbye

Ready 2 Fall continue the trend of impressive bands from north of the border, Scotland with 'The Last Goodbye', a through and through rock track with tight guitars. However the messy drums and somewhat simple structure, that fails to make the track go anywhere. Whilst b-side, 'Out of Nothing' is a more calmer and thought out track, which is overall impressive.


David Gibb - The Oxfordshire Brigade
Released on September 21st on Fuse Records
In the past David Gibb has played with the likes of Frank Turner and Sam Isaac, so it is not surprising Gibb follows that upbeat folk style the latter two are known for. Gibb's light voice is joined by keys and acoustic guitar, that leave enough room for Gibb's lyrics; about a magical tale between a boy and an angel, to be heard clearly and distinctively. On the whole it is a pleasing track that will have fans of the genre hooked.


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