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Single Review Round-Up: Twin Atlantic, Adelaide, The Hot Melts, Bleech and Screaming Lights

This Single Review Round-Up features reviews from the likes of, Twin Atlantic, Adelaide, The Hot Melts, Bleech and Screaming Lights.

Twin Atlantic - You're Turning Into John Wayne
released on September 7th on Red Bull Records.
Twin Atlantic have been winning over the masses for quite sometime now, whilst at the same leaving them waiting for new material. However the wait is finally over. 'You're Turning Into John Wayne' is the lead off single from the Scottish band's forthcoming mini-album, 'Vivarium'. The single is a lively number with the band purposely putting on American accents but at the same time keeping to their roots. The band's commercial-friendly rock sound works well and shows great potential for their full release that follows on September 14th.


Adelaide - And They Said...
released on August 17th on LAB Records
LAB Records latest signing's Adelaide proves to be another great signing for the Mancheser-based label. 'And They Said...' is filled with big pop hooks and crunching guitars, that on the whole is very favourable. It may not sound much different to a lot of stuff out there but Adelaide are enjoyable to listen to and now with label support, they could go far. Their new EP, 'Journals' (released September 14th) could be make or break for the band.


The Hot Melts - Red Lips
released on August 31st on Wonderland Records/Epitaph Records.
Wirrel 4-piece, The Hot Melts build up anticipation for their self-titled debut album, with this 3 minute slice of raucious rock 'n' roll, as the band tell a story of a night of excess and carnage. It's upbeat and somewhat trashy but it's good introduction to the band, as the bands style fits well into the lyrical structure.


Bleech - The Worthing Song
released on August 17th on Billie Records
Bleech bring the very-British indie rock with 'The Worthing Song', grungy guitars mixed with angst female vocals. It goes along at a steady pace and despite a bit of variation in the middle, it is not overall impressive.


Screaming Lights - Volts
available now through Anti Records
With a hint of psychedlica, Liverpool's Screaming Lights fast-paced brand of rock with screeching guitars that twang here and there on 'Volts'. Not the most original sound but it is an accessiable track. Whilst b-sides '21st Century' and 'Raimaker' sees the band being rather electro with drums and distant keys being heavly used. Elsewhere 'Hello Tommorrow' is an upbeat, stripped down number with an added "fuck you" thrown in for good measure. Closing track 'Air In The Lung' is a slow, piano-based track with soft vocal delivery, that cleary shows Screaming Lights are able to successfully go from one genre to the next.

Sean Reid

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