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Album Review: All Time Low - Nothing Personal

After causing much hysteria Stateside, All Time Low's much anticipated new album, 'Nothing Personal' gets its UK release. For fans of the bands previous work, you'll especially enjoy this, with its slick production and sing-a-long choruses are spread throughout .

Lead off single, 'Weightless' opens the record and it lives up to expectations, with a big, brash, hook-filled chorus that will make you want to play it over and over again. Its pure and perfect slice of pop-punk pie, leaves the listener wanting more. Thankfully the hooks come thick and fast, with tracks like 'Break Your Little Heart' and 'Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't).

Whereas 'Lost In Stereo' leans more towards an upbeat radio-friendly rock sound, it still proves to be a favourable track. Elsewhere 'Sick Little Games' could be mistaken for an outtake from The Academy Is...'s last album.

Unfortunately 'Too Much' sees the 4-piece heading down the electro-pop route, with a vocal delivery from Alex Gaskarth that at times, seems a bit lifeless. Nevertheless 'Hello, Brooklyn' has radio hit written all over it, with adrenaline filled chorus that leaves you bouncing and singing along harmlessly.

As expected a slow, swaying track (Therapy) closes the record, that will pull at the heart strings of all teenage female fans, at the bands forthcoming UK shows. Unfortunately it comes after one or two filler tracks, that leave tired and wanting a bit variety.

However All Time Low are not the type of band, that are going to experiment and change a winning formula. 'Nothing Personal' satisfies the masses of fans, that will continue to grow with this release. It's pure, harmless, upbeat pop-punk that you can't just sit back and enjoy.


'Nothing Personal' by All Time Low is available now in the US and available from September 14th in the UK on Hopeless Records.

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