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Album Review: Atom Gang - We Are The Formula EP

East London trio Atom Gang's latest effort 'We Are The Formula EP' is a tight-knit 3-track slice of powerful, hard rock with a catchy side. 'The Death Of Us' opens the EP at a steady pace, and is filled with plenty of attitude and a rough punk rock sound.

'Honey Chase The Dragon' has a haunting feeling with guitars that screech and dominate for the most part, as Ellis Slater's vocals are delivered somewhat cold, but this adds to the track and makes it more favourable.

'A Hungry Burn' sees the band becoming a standard rock and roll band, as they stomp with a hint of arrogance, as Slater's voice soars on top of a simple bass line and crashing drums. However at the same time, they show originality and plenty of potential.

Atom Gang prove to be a very impressive trio, as they are able to attempt several genres, and make it their own. In addition to this, they show confidence and are overall tight, in their performance. They also know how to write a good hook here and there too.


'We Are The Formula EP' by Atom Gang is available for free here.

Sean Reid

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