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Album Review: Breakers Broken – Reset EP

If you love to dance then this quirky indie/pop trio will have you up on your feet within seconds. Lead track ‘Last Man on the Planet’ begins and we are introduced with a peaceful, almost ambient track breaking down into a number which has you tapping your feet merely seconds after hearing the light yet effective indie guitar work. Usually, as soon as a band bring in the heavy use of synth effects in their songs, the song is ruined. But this works well. This works very well in fact for Breakers Broken whose usage adds a different element to their work which if anything, works strongly in their favour.

We’re soon lead into an instrumental track in ‘How Novel’ which flows so easily from the lead track that you’d be forgiven for thinking it was part of the same song. It’s the band ability to make the transition from track to track so seamless which takes this EP from just good to brilliant for me.

‘When She Needs Me’ can be found twice on this EP in the form of the original version and an extended version with a longer instrumental breakdown which with a perfect mix of woahs and genuinely strong vocals makes it one of the strongest tracks on the EP. It’s through tracks like these that the dancing levels are raised once again. After another brilliantly executed instrumental intro, ‘Failing System’ has you busting a move and singing along to more of the same themed successful work as previously used.

Breaker’s Broken aren’t afraid of venturing into a number of different genres on this release, collaborating with rapper A.D.D on one track in particular which would not sound out of place thirty years ago in an era where dancing and generally having a good time was the most important factor. The strong vocals shine through yet again resembling the sound of a young Justin Timberlake which is no bad thing at all.

Given the right push, you can easily see a number of the songs showcased by this promising group of guys, being blasted across commercial radio stations all over the globe each and every day. It may seem a tall order but with such a strong debut which covers so many different genres it certainly isn’t impossible. The band should perhaps focus on the punchier numbers instead of the slow moving final track but I really can’t wait to hear more from these guys and something tells me I’ll have no choice but to be hearing more from this band in the future.


'Reset EP' by Breakers Broken is available now.

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Thomas Smith

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