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Album Review: Eat Sleep Attack - Fallin' EP

Ex-Fleeing From Finales and Clarkson singer, Sam Little's first solo outing under his Eat Sleep Attack moniker, proves to be charming and sweet with his brand of acoustic pop.

Opening track 'Fallin'' wouldn't sound out of place on daytime radio, with an R 'n' B-like guitar compimenting Little's catchy voice well. On the whole, it shows Little is a talented individual, who knows how to write an upbeat pop song.

Next up is 'Break' a stripped down acoustic number, with handclaps thrown in for good measure. Again, Little's vocals come out on top, as he dominates the track throughout. Whilst 'I'm Not Running (Forget about Fleeing)' is calm and manages to pull you, to the point where you are hanging on to Sam's every last word. This shows despite Eat Sleep Attack's friendly pop sound, he is able to create an intimate atmosphere easily.

Closing track 'Spell It Out' is your upbeat, acoustic love song, that proves to be very favourable, with lyrics that might get stuck in your head after a few listens.

Overall 'Fallin' EP' leaves you feeling good and with the impression that Sam is a talented singer-songwriter, with bucketloads of potential. For some the whole acoustic-pop sound maybe repetitve. However it is a winning combination, both musically and comercially. I look forward to hearing more Eat Sleep Attack in the future.


'Fallin' EP' by Eat Sleep Attack is available now through LAB Records (Online Store).

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Sean Reid

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