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Album Review: Iwrestledabearonce - It's All Happening

The progressive metal/grindcore genres are quite difficult to judge. Some bands can sound messy and nearly unlistenable, whilst others can be applauded for their experimentation and layered structure. Thankfully Iwrestledabearonce are one of those bands, but only just.

From the start of their debut release, the band throw you in head first with 'You Ain't No Family' with speedy bass pedals, screeching guitars and growling vocals from vocalist Krysta Cameron. Its sporadic structure sees the band heading off to a jazz-like bass solo before heading back into complete chaos.

Next 'White Water In The Morning' sees the band showing their more electronic side and calmer side, with Cameron's smooth vocals dominating, up to the point where the band let off some steam once more.

Whereas tracks like 'Danger In The Manger' and 'The Cat's Pajamas' sees the band showing off their metal abilities, with strong structure and superb band performance, with the latter track proving to favourable.

On the other end of the spectrum, tracks such as 'Tastes Like Kevin Bacon', with its techno-like beat leading into a calm vocal part from Cameron that soars greatly, shows the bands experimental side, that leaves you wondering what is going to happen next. In addition to this, 'Black Eyed Bush' is dominated by electronic beats and serves more as interlude piece and comes as refreshing, to a record that is heavy and sporadic.

'It's All Happening' is certainly not an easy record to listen to, at times it can be messy and leaves you with the impression of 'what were they thinking of?' The bands structure, will not be for everyone's taste. However their willingness to be all over the place and a bit different, can somewhat admired, as they attempt to stand out. Their ability to use electronic elements, especially comes off well.

However for the most part, especially during the final stages, it does all sound a bit repetitive. Nevertheless their dynamic ideas are definitely something to build on in the future.


'It's All Happening' by Iwrestleabearonce is available now through Century Media

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