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Album Review: Perplexity of Things - A Motion Picture Soundtrack

Every now and then, you hear some music that surprises you. Not through its technicality, or through its groundbreaking composition: because it's unexpected. 'A Motion Picture Soundtrack', a summer EP by 'Perplexity of Things' has done exactly that.

In all honesty, Brent Bartley is hardly a name that I'm familiar with, and equally, under the pseudonym of 'Perplexity of Things', I find myself struggling to recollect any degree of familiarity. Sometimes though, the better things in life are surprises. And in these six tracks, Bartley has created the most laid back, ambience filled, offering I have heard this year.

To try and define this record in terms of genre is difficult, and arguably something that should be avoided altogether. To get an impression of how this sounds, take Owl City and Daft Punk at their most refined, turn the tempo down, and relax. It really is as simple as that. Perhaps though, this demonstrates the strength of this record. Nothing about the release is complex, and nothing about it is complicated. If you're looking for vocal hooks, and riffs, this EP isn't going to be for you.

Bartley wrote, recorded, produced and mixed this record - albeit with some help - but his efforts have to be commended. He even found time to produce the accompanying artwork. From atmospheric opener 'I'm Only Dreaming', to other tracks, such as the instrumental 'Melancholy', the EP remains relaxed, restrained and ambient.?

Before hearing this record, 'Perplexity of Things' was an unknown entity to me, Bartley was a stranger, and his home surroundings of Toronto, Canada, held little relevance. In a time of uncertainly though, this free EP is both refreshing and relevant. Check it out, you might be surprised, I was.


'A Motion Picture Soundtrack' by Perplexity of Things is available for free here.

Perplexity of Things on MySpace

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