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Album Review: The Wildhearts - Chutzpah

The Wildhearts return with their ninth studio album, 'Chutzpah'. It proves to be an impressive effort, from a band that have disappeared from some people's radar in recent years.

From the start tracks like ,'The Jackson Whites' and 'Plastic Jebus' shows they are band, who are not out of touch and definitely prove they can still write a superb rock 'n' roll song when required. They are full of fierce attitude that shows a band that passionate about what they are doing.

Elsewhere 'The Only One' stands out loud and proud, with a chorus that has a neat hook to it. This is followed up by 'John of Violence', which has a blend of hard-hitting drums complements a chorus, that is calm and pulled off brilliantly.

This album manages to keep up its momentum throughout, with other notable tracks being 'You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane', with "woah-ohs" taking over and 'You Took the Sunshine from New York', a track that has that classic Wildhearts sound with a slight hint of modern production; something that is constant throughout.

It may take a few listens but you eventually find yourself welcoming The Wildhearts back with open arms, as 'Chutzpah' is a highly enjoyable rock record, that sees the band challenging themselves. Even though the slightly heavier tracks don't make this an all-round superb record, by a band full of confidence, who have used their experience to good use.

The Wildhearts are back and shouldn't be ignored.


'Chutzpah' by The Wildhearts is available now on Backstage Alliance.

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