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Album Review: Wilson Fisk - Bear Cub EP

Exeter born Wilson Fisks’ debut release titled “Bear Cub EP” is pure math rock genius. With use of angular dissonant guitar riffs, unconventional beats and a distinct vocal this is the most exciting noise I have heard in a long while.

Energetic from the off, opener “Texas Is Blue” a track that demonstrates their ability immediately with an interesting beat, which is pushed with an off beat snare right up to the verse when it eventually lands on the beat making for a really nice transition. The vocal in the chorus reminds me of Hundred Reasons tune “Sliver” when the guitarist sings that throaty line that makes the song. There is a nice progressive part at the end, which builds with a tasteful tapped guitar motif ending finally with the main chorus line.

“Our Man In Japan” is the second track on the EP, which is dissonant and quirky throughout and having shared a stage with Failsafe, Polar Bear Club and The Cut Ups it’s clear to see that Wilson Fisk are going to go from strength to strength and be leaders in their genre.

Third track “If It’s Still There Tomorrow”, has a Reuben-influenced sound and consequently rocks like a motherf***er. With math rock emblematic stops and starts, this track has a lot of stylistic elements that altogether make this an undeniably respectable tune.

“Radio Swan” grooves like Biffy Clyros’ “Saturday Superhouse” and includes a hooky chorus that you will be singing in your sleep without a doubt!

Closing track “Waist Down” demonstrates their humorous side with the lyric “Yeh I love you and I miss you from the waist down” which had me in stitches. Also to warn you this will get stuck in your head and there really is nothing you can do about it. This song deserves some major airplay to give it the wider recognition it deserves.

If there is any justice Wilson Fisk will be a popular name of the future. I have given this EP a perfect score, as I believe it’s the kind of record that you can return to time and time again and listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. It’s consistency really is quite refreshing and I can wholeheartedly recommend this EP with 100% confidence that you won’t be disappointed.

'Bear Cub EP' by Wilson Fisk is available now.

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Ben Bridges

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