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Album Review: Wipeout Marshall -You Light This Match, We'll Burn This City

Spawned in Albany New York, Wipeout Marshall have most the attributes of a good, edgy power pop punk band you’d expect; big riffs, tight harmonies, well executed half to double time choruses lead by a Patrick Stump-esq vocal. That said it’s not all straight pop punk as there are some respectable screamo beatdowns, which give them that added extra edge and credibility.

However I am disappointed with the production and overall sound of the recording. It just seems amateur in places and poorly edited. This can’t be helped, as I’m sure these boys are just starting out and for a first demo you can certainly still appreciate the potential, which is evident throughout.

Opening track “You Light This Match, We’ll Burn This City” Stands out for me, some impressive double bass pedal action coupled with all the ingredients you need to get a crowd bouncing, make it an almost flawless track. I’d like to hear it after it’s been re-recorded with a professional producer though because this recording certainly doesn’t do the song justice.

Track two “Running Away” has many different elements, each of which I love but I just wonder if sometimes they try to accomplish too much in one song. It attempts a lot of everything, opening with a Bullet For My Valentine style riff, closely followed by a double time poppy synth driven punk along which is the main accompaniment for the chorus. Each idea is really good, and they could work together if only they were executed well with more precision and good timing.

The Blind Melon cover “No Rain” punked up is a nice touch but again needs tightening, great version though which certainly lends itself nicely to being squeezed through the Wipe Out Marshall mangle.

A one off acoustic song on a punk album tends to work quite well and “Rivers” certainly follows suit. Lead vocalist Adams voice is undeniably powerful and this song showcases this perfectly. Great vocal melody, complimented nicely with tambourines acoustic guitars and keys.

Last track “Revelations” see the 6 piece creep into Enter Shikari territory with spoken screams bellowing over a syncopated spiral into destruction which is a satisfying unanticipated finale.

All in all there are some great moments, which with some pro production could really come alive and become something very special.


'You Light This Match, We'll Burn This City' by Wipeout Marshall is streaming in full on MySpace

Ben Bridges

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