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Interview: Terra Terra Terra

Matt recently spoke to the lead guitarist and backup vocalist Matthew Hagelberger, of Flordia Indie Rock 4-piece Terra Terra Terra.Matthew spoke about the bands origins, their new album, 'Mind Like A Man Soul Like A Child', being a Christian band and more.

ATP: How long have you been together as a band and how did you meet?
Matthew: We have been together about a year and a half. We basically played in two bands from the same town, and had plenty of shows together over the period of a year or so. When it came time to get serious and labels came calling, we joined together to make Terra Terra Terra.

ATP: Why did you settle on deciding to call yourselves Terra Terra Terra?
M: Well, to be honest, we wanted something with some meaning, and something that was also a bit different. This name in Gaelic essentially means "Created from the earth, but imperfect" and has to do with being caught in between something of dirt "earth" and created by something divine "God" And how that puts us in a ridiculous place made of two entirely different worlds. How do we deal with and live knowing that two completely different ends of the spectrum combined to be who we all are. It's a little crazy, and deep, but we dig it.

ATP: People I have spoken to have found the name a mouthful and even a bit strange, however that creates quite a talking point, what do you think about this?
M: You know the saying "bad press is press?" It goes along with something like that I suppose. As long as our name is in the mouths of people, then we are on the minds of someone. Hopefully, even if they hate the name initially, it will get them to give us the chance of listening to at least one song. Plus, as I said before, being different has never been bad for the bands that lasted more than 2.3 years....

ATP: Your album, 'Mind Like A Man Soul Like A Child', come out in August. What have the first reactions been like?
M: We have actually gotten some great responses and an overall sense of enjoyment. A lot of people who hear great things, but at the same time respond with the thought that we have the potential to do a lot more and be something really great. Which is very awesome to hear.

We can only hope that with our future projects we will prove them all to be right. And I think we will. At least, that's the plan.

ATP: Did the album come out as you'd hoped?
M: You know, with a first label supported album, (especially this one, being as how most of it was recorded without the knowledge that it would be a national release and the thought that it would be more indie than mainstream) I think it came out quite well. There are of course things looking back that if we would have known what it would become, we would have changed, but at the same time, I freaking love it, and still listen to it myself without getting sick of it. I hope that doesn't sound vain, but I have really not heard much negative on this project, so I stand by what we put out, and eagerly await to hear what we will continue to create in the future. But these songs, they will be with us for quite sometime.

ATP: What bands have influenced your sound and why?
M: Incubus, Manchester Orchestra, Say Anything, Dear and the Headlights, Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New, Coldplay, The Fray, Augustana. There is a long list of the obvious ones that come to mind. ha. Basically, we take what we love in the world of music that is intelligent, meaningful, and talented, and combine it with what we hope is catchy enough for one to enjoy. Obviously you have some different sides of the spectrum in the music listed above, but we like to meet in the middle and make things that are smart, but enjoyable. The next album will definitely show the more rock side of our band and what we have to give though.

ATP: Are there any bands doing the circuit today that you especially like?
M: Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New. Did I mention Manchester Orchestra. Seriously though, As far as our music goes these bands are huge in our world, and while this particular album may not reflect them in a very obvious way, we respect and love what they are doing, and can only hope that in the future we could share the stage with them.

ATP: Are there any British bands that you have discovered lately that you particularly enjoy?
M: Discovered lately..... To be honest, (and I know I am way behind) I just started listening to The Smiths and I am loving it. I am going to absorb the new Morrissey album soon and see what I can discover about it.

ATP: Do you have any plans to come over to the UK anytime soon?
M: As far as I know nothing is on the books, but if any tours would love to have us, or anyone would love to bring us over, by all means, get in touch with us ASAP. We are down. I actually lived in the UK for 3 years when I was young, so I would love to come back.

ATP: I've read that you are all Christians but some people within the Christian Community think that you misrepresent them by playing in bars etc. Do you think this is unfair?
M: Extremely. Yes, we are all men of faith, and yes, we believe in the love that Christ showed, but I am quite sure that playing in bars and talking with people who may seem a little less savy than the typical christian community agrees with is what we are all about. I'm no preacher, and my God, I don't want to be, but I know this. Jesus loves us all just as we are. And I sin every day, just as much as anyone else, and I know I am loved. All I want people to know is that they are loved as well. And I feel like the people drinking away their problems, probably need to know that I love them and don't judge them at all, because I have done the same things. And that He does as well.

ATP: Whats next on the agenda for the band?
M: We just wanna hit the road hard, and get our music out there. As many people that can hear us, is what we want, and trust me, live Terra Terra Terra is 10x better than the album. So as I said before, bring us out to the UK!

Terra Terra Terra's new album, 'Mind Like A Man Soul Like A Child' is available now on Round Kid Records.

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