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Single Review Round-Up: Lost On Landing, Steel Panther, Castrolvalva, Screaming Lights, The Remnants, Bromheads and I Like Trains

In this Single Review Round-Up, we review new singles from Lost On Landing, Steel Panther, Castrolvalva, Screaming Lights, The Remnants, Bromheads and I Like Trains.

Lost On Landing - Sweet Talk
Released through LAB Records on CD/digital download on 26th October

I'm starting to think LAB Records can't do anything wrong, as their latest signing, Lost On Landing is another fantastic addition to their glowing roster. The Southampton 4-piece new single, 'Sweet Talk' is a brilliant slice of British pop-rock. Great harmonies and a driving hook-y chorus make this an all-round superb single.

B-Side 'Best Intentions' keeps up the momentum with Christopher Roberts' vocals and piano being a highlight of the track. It is a pleasant sounding track, that leaves you with high hopes for the bands future releases, which I hope are not too far away.


Lost On Landing on MySpace

Steel Panther - Community Property
Available now through Island Records

Can someone please past me the sick bucket? Obviously Steel Panther are supposed to be a parody of a 80's hair metal band; well I hope so because this is awful and cheesy. Its sounds like a poor attempt of a Guns N Roses ballad, with strings and lyrics that just want to make turn this joke of a band off.


Castrolvalva - Thug Poetry
Released on Limited Edition CD (limited to 500) Brew Records on November 5th

You would be fooled by the artwork and track name, that is a hip-hop number. However this Leeds-based trio showcase a experimental rock sound, similar to that of label mates Kong. Track one, 'Thuglife' Is very scrappy with a deep bass leading throughout, with screams and electronic parts thrown in here and there. Whereas 'Outlawz' has a slow build-up to a somewhat hectic number, with strange vocal delivery from Leemun Smith. However it is more structured than the latter, but for the most part Castrolvalva are a bit of a head fuck and are definitely not the most accessible of bands.


Castrolvalva on MySpace

Screaming Lights - Hello Tomorrow
Released September 28th on Anti Records

From the historic city of Liverpool comes Screaming Lights with a simple slice of jangly guitar indie pop. Over the course of 2 and half minutes, the track doesn't really seem to go anywhere with its steady, simple pace and clean guitar. However there are glimpses of potential, but the bands future releases will definitely have to show it.


Screaming Lights on MySpace

Bromheads - These Boots Are Made For Walking
Released on CD on October 1st.

Bromheads have a nostalgic 60's sound with this cover of the Nancy Sinatra track. In 2 short minutes, Bromheads perform a simple yet effective take on the song. However it has to be said, on occasion it is probably best if the duo left it for their live show, as the short time frame means the track is not affective, as it could be.


The Remnants - Circles
Available now on Skullcow Records

The Remnants provide the upbeat, fast pop-punk with 'Circles'. In just a minute and half, the trio manage to strucure and craft a neat number, that is instantly enjoyable. Whereas b-side 'Talk About You' speeds through with its punk rock base and a slight hint if British tounge. Add to this a tight band performance and impressive production and The Remnants, could be one to look out for in the future.


The Remnants on Myspace

I Like Trains - Sea of Regrets
Self-Released on October 12th

Leeds' I Like Trains return with this self-released single, 'Sea of Regrets'. A slow building, atmospheric number that will please fans of the post-rock genre. It proves to be a captivating effort. Where as b-side 'The Spark' is a deeper track with a similar slow pace, that is lead by guitar and subtle strings. However its too slow and quickly becomes boring and drains you.


I Like Trains on MySpace

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