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Album Review: Advantage - Future Echoes EP

On first listen, Advantage sound like a rather peculiar band. A combination of hard rock with ska sections thrown in here and there. Add to that a hint of electronica and you are left with the impression that Advantage are an interesting band, and that is just the title track, 'Future Echoes'.

'Something To Say' goes down the ska-punk route that is rather enjoyable and simpler than the opener. Its speedy pace and poppy structure, shows a band with variety and for the most part, are enjoyable. In addition to this, the slight use of production effects add a layer and dimension to the band, as well a strong blend of vocal melodies.

'The Fear', like the latter, is dominated by the bands brass section and complimented by an upbeat tempo that is favourable and shows a band with potential. The inclusion of calm piano-led middle section, makes it the recommended track on this EP and shows even further variation by the band.

Throughout they show plenty of drive and to an extent, they have a sound that is refreshing. In addition to this, they can show they can write a catchy song or two, that you will want to hear again. On the whole, Advantage have the attributes to move on to better things, and this EP is a good step in the right direction.


'Future Echoes EP' by Advantage is released on November 9th on Cash For Pigs Records

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