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Album Review: Pharaohs - We've Tried Nothing And We're All Out Of Ideas EP

If technical indie with melodic pop choruses are your type of thing, then Pharaohs will be right up your ally. 'We've Tried Nothing And We're All Out Of Ideas' is their latest EP, released on Leeds-based label All Aboard Records. It is 7 songs full of jangly guitars with a complex twist. 'TV' opens the EP and is the usual, fun upbeat indie pop that has died off in popularity lately, but Pharaohs manage to spring some life into with a fresh approach.

Recent single, 'Squashed Against My Wall' follows through nicely with a good blend of vocal harmonies from Jonny Lewis and Joe Steven, especially in the chorus that is complimented by rough, complicated guitars in the verse. Whilst 'Space Is A Waste Of Space' is a slower track, but with the same odd guitar riffs, that at times dominate.

'Decorex' keeps up the consistency with a favourable, sing-a-long chorus that quickly becomes lodged in your head. Whereas tracks like 'If Columbus Had A Sat Nav, America Wouldn't Exist' and 'Mosquito In A Bottle' leans more towards the bands indie-side but they retain their pop-like sensibilities.

'Traffic' rounds off the release nicely with a good blend of vocals, light drums and simple guitars. This leaves you with a satisfied feeling, as Pharaohs for most of the time avoid from becoming predictable. As they challenge themselves throughout, by using somewhat complicated structures, but not to the extent where they alienate themselves from the listener, and keep themselves open and accessible.

The heavy use of jangly guitars with a raw, indie sound works well for the four piece and overall, 'We've Tried Nothing And We're All Out Of Ideas' is a good base to work towards something else. The downfall of the EP is that only a few of the tracks stand out, whereas others become rather dull after a few listens.


'We've Tried Nothing And We're All Out Of Ideas' EP by Pharaohs is released on All Aboard Records on November 2nd.

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