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Album Review: This City - We Were Like Sharks

It can't be argued that This City havn't had a bad career so far after playing shows alongside the likes of Rival Schools, Kids in Glass Houses, Biffy Clyro, and Taking Back Sunday. Add to this being signed to Epitaph Europe which then leads us to this, their debut full-length, 'We Were Like Sharks'. Recorded earlier this year in Seattle with producer Matt Bayles, This City have created a strong blend of post-hardcore with a hint of punk as well as indie. This does make it hard to define This City's sound but also makes you appreciate their attempt to broaden their music.

From the start 'We Move' shows the bands broad approach; edgy rock guitars with light, dare I say dance-like tempo and somewhat catchy chorus, quickly gets the listener use to the band's style and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The band's energetic performance is consistent throughout, tracks like 'Black and Blue' and 'With Loaded Guns' are fast-paced with the lead singer's Southern-tone complimenting this well. Whereas 'Romantic' hints of mainstream accessibility but the bands slightly left-field sound dominates over.

'Picture This' is favourable with its "woahs" and a light, subtle piano that adds another layer to bands impressive performance. 'Colours' sees the band taking a slight breather with a simple guitar and indie-like beat, which sounds pleasing on the ear and the band thankfully avoid from, going off the rails and deliver a impressive track.

Elsewhere 'Kids With Fireworks' and 'No Hero' sees the band using group vocals, that does work well but is not overall great. Although they do keep the albums momentum up and do not sound out of place.

Overall This City's use of crossing over indie-guitars with post-hardcore and a slight punk rock outlook, works well for the band but won't please everyone. 'We Were Like Sharks' to an extent sees a band experimenting but not to the extent, where they alienate the listener. It is a record that is worth hearing, as musically it is strong and the band can write good songs, but I feel that it is a record that does not have a lasting appeal.


'We Were Like Sharks' by This City is available on Epitaph Europe from Monday October 19th.

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