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Good Charlotte Studio Update + Cover Song

Good Charlotte guitarist, Benji Madden has posted a blog from the studio where the band are nearly done recording their forthcoming album 'Cardiology'.

"Just checking in from Studio, well home, but Been hard at work and haven't checked in as much as i should. Sorry about that, I have been trying to twitter a lot(@benjaminmadden if you were wondering). Anyways,the good news is "Cardiology" is almost done, we are working on mostly vocals now and it is all coming together really well. I have never been this proud of a record. If I could describe it I would have to say it's just a more mature version of our self titled album... really simple production, just all about the songs and the lyrics. There will definitely be some suprise's though, wouldn't be a GC record if there weren't right?\

There are some songs I am just dying for you guys to hear. Really hoping you will like them...more then any record. This one is gonna be a fun one to tour. The songs are really personal and i just think the GC Family Bond between Us and all of you guys is just gonna get stronger and stronger. We can't wait. I definitely had you guys in mind when i was writing some of the lyrics, kind of the best way i know how to say things to you, really say things. It can be awkward getting too emo or sentimental in a blog. Gotta save that for the songs, so don't worry it's coming your way:)"

To see the rest of the entry as well as Madden's cover of Better Run by Army Of Me, click HERE.

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