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Halifax Update

According to a recent update, Halifax are still looking for a new singer and are set to release a new EP soon called 'Realignment'.

The full update can be read in full. by clicking read more.
FRIENDS!! We've been playing live shows and working on getting new
music out to you for a while now, and in this time we've realized that
while stronger and tighter than ever, Halifax is missing something.
Chris has been singing for us for over a year, and while he's loved it
and been great at it, he's now decided to move back to singing strong back ups
and focus on his guitar playing. Effective immediately, we are
starting a search for someone completely new who can blow us (and you)
away. We don't have any specific requirements - just submit a link or
file to with a video that shows us
you've got impressive vocal talent that just might be a perfect fit
with our band.

We will soon be releasing our aptly titled "Realignment" EP during this
brief in-between period. The EP will feature six songs from our
upcoming full length album and should give you a hint of what's to
come when this online audition process is over.


Alter The Press!