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Interview: The Friday Night Boys - 05/10/09

Prior to their opening support slot with All Time Low in London, Alter The Press! managed to sit down with Fueled By Ramen's The Friday Night Boys.

The band spoke to ATP! about their first time overseas, the bands love of The Office and more.

Alter The Press: This is your first time overseas, how has it been so far?
The Friday Night Boys: Amazing so far. All the shows have been sick; the fans are very accepting. It's a dream come true, we've always wanted to travel to a different country.

ATP: Best show so far?
TFNB: Dublin or Birmingham. We didn't do to well in Leeds but, other then that, the tour has been pretty great.

ATP: How has the reaction been?
TFNB: Really good. The fans have been getting into it, rather than just standing there and staring at us. Everyone has been clapping, jumping, which is great because a lot of them don't even know the words. I think it would be easy for them to just stand there and wait for All Time Low to come on, as they are such a big, headlining band, but they have all been super supportive. The fans seem like they are all having fun.

ATP: It's true that you all met in a bowling league, right?
TFNB: We all bowled in a bowling team but played in separate bands at the time. Our team won the championship; it was just the last year we played in that league actually, after, we just decided that we should start a band, with the same name as our bowling team, 'The Friday Night Boys'.

ATP: Your second EP, 'That's What She Said'. I'm guessing you are all fans of The Office (US TV sitcom). What are you're favorite episodes/moments?
TFNB: 1) When they challenged the guys in the warehouse to a basketball game. "Stanley, for obvious reasons!" and where he is slapping the ball with one hand and Dwight reaction is, "Are you serious?!"
2) When Michael takes Tim Meadows to Chillis and they start singing the 'Baby-back Ribs' song.
3) The whole sexual harassment session.
4) When Michael had the dinner party, invited everyone round and he has the 10" plasma screen TV. "That's a $200 plasma TV you just killed!"

ATP: Have you ever thought about writing an Office related song?
TFNB: No, but we should do. That's a great idea! We are thinking of writing an Office type skit.

ATP: How did you sign to Fueled By Ramen?
TFNB: We knew Alex (Gaskarth - front man of All Time Low) from all the bands we used to play with and he heard our band. He liked it and pretty much took it to the label.

ATP: What has been the best tour you've been on?
TFNB: Hey Monday US tour. Every tour has been fun in it's own way, either bro'ing it down, with you're friends in other bands, or that they have just been sick shows.

ATP: Favorite artists?
TFNB: Oasis, Dizzee Rascal, Minus The Bear, You Me At Six and The Wombats.

ATP: Your debut album 'Off The Deep End' came out in June, have you been working on new material since?
TFNB: Not really too much. We are busy touring but we've come up with ideas for concepts, different directions we can go in, names for songs.

ATP: What's planned after the All Time Low UK tour?
TFNB: We are going on a US tour with All Time Low, We The Kings and Hey Monday up until December. Then, next year, a small headlining tour, not too sure after that.

ATP: Plans to come back to the UK?
TFNB: Not yet, but we definitely want to.

'Off The Deep End' is out now on Fueled By Ramen.

- Jon Ableson

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