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Jamies Elsewhere Drummer Leaves

Jamies Elsewhere's drummer Ant has decided to leave the band.

A full messege from the drummer can be read by clicking read more.

Hello Ladies and Gents... Anthony here saying farewell...

It feels like yesterday my brother Matt and I had the idea to form a new band and take our music to the next level.. that was December of 2005.. wow! time flies when your having fun! It has been a memorable roller coaster ride with many up's and down's but like most good thing's they must come to an end..

As you may have noticed by now I have decided to hang up the sticks and return to the career I left when we inked a record deal with Victory Records. I really enjoyed living the circus life.. becoming apart of the Victory family.. writing.. recording.. touring... meeting all of you lovely people on the road and living my dream. I will NEVER forget the good times. Nothing beats hanging with your best friends/brothers everyday through thick and thin.

We have accomplished alot over the past 4+ years touring the world.. visiting every state in the U.S.A. and all of Canada. We toured with some amazing bands and played in front of some amazing people. I could literally write an entire book on our experience lol seriously it has been a blast!

I have left the band in good hands turning over drumming duties to our buddy Scott and teaming up with Matty on guitar is Mikey Walnutz.. you can get a little taste of Scott's ridiculous drumming skills and Mike W's co-axe work on the new Akon cover just posted! Please welcome Scott and Mikey W. to the J.E. family!

I myself will be returning to the 9-5 working stiff I once was... living the suburban life style.. doing it big on the weekend's carting around the SUV taking a few trips to the home depot... maybe try and fit in some bed bath and beyond if I have time between my naps and CNN...

I will always be apart of Jamie's Elsewhere and will miss hanging with my best friends Mike, Matt, Chance and Aaron. I am really excited for Scott and Mike W. and know they will compliment the band very well. when we where seeking out new members we knew it was important to keep the chemistry.. Scott and Mike are the perfect addition to the band! I believe in these guys 110%!

Now in regards to the new album! I have had the honor to write and record drums to a few of the new songs including Giant's Among Common Men, Mapmaker, A Slave, A Son and a few others and I can tell you that what you have heard is just a taste of what is to come! The new Jamie's Elsewhere album is going to blow people away! look out for new versions of those songs when the album is complete featuring Scott's twist on the drumming... I am sure he will not disappoint!

I love you guys and thank you all for the memories!

Now to Mike, Matt, Chance and Aaron... I love you all and I am very lucky to have friends like you guys. thanks for the memories!

"Mike... Dude! I swear man.. they put something in the coffee"


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