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NeverShoutNever Unhappy with Record Deal?

Christopher Drew, otherwise known as NeverShoutNever! has stated in a myspace blog that he is unhappy, that his new album will not be released until 2010.

In a myspace blog Drew states:

"Hello sassy-suzies,

I am going to put the album version of janedoe up on monday the 26th.
It's going to be awesome to put up a new song, woohoo :)

It's been forever.
Ever since I signed a record deal its a bitch to get new songs up!

I am sorry it is taking so long.
I think they might be pushing back the release of the album till next year. :(

I wish I could just give it away for free right now!!!
It is tempting just to leak it ;p

I love you all and thank you for being patient."

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