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Album Review: Misled Icons - Thicker Than Shark Bait

“Thicker Than Shark Bait” ss the debut cd from Darlington based punk cartoon outfit Misled Icons.

I guess you could say that playing out of tune and out time is the spirit of punk, and if that makes you happy then you’ll love Misled Icons! To be honest I’ve seen better in my local but they seem to be doing something right, and having shared a stage with the likes of [spunge] and Fandangle you have to take your hats off to these boys.

Personally though I think this is generic skate punk that’s not even been executed very well. The recording is pretty terrible and the singer doesn’t hit one note. It’s almost a parody of itself with song titles like “Were not listening” and “We Mean Business” It’s punk for punks sake.

The album has a very raw sound, so raw it sounds like it was all recorded in one take! If you weren’t to know you’d think it was a live recording which in theory is a great idea because they manage to capture their sound in it’s most raw unedited form without over dubs and strict production. In reality though this wasn’t such a great idea because they can barely play their instruments and their timing is terrible!

They strike me as being the kind of band that have the potential to blow your balls off live but just can’t get it right on a record.

Maybe I’m not punk enough to understand this album, I do however understand what sounds good and this definitely doesn’t.

Misled and certainly not Icons.


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Ben Bridges

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