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Interview: Four Letter Lie

Currently in the middle of a US tour, front man Brian Nagan of post-hardcore outfit Four Letter Lie took the time out to speak to Alter The Press! about the bands new album 'A New Day', Kevin Skaff and Derek Smith's recent departure from the band, what's next for Four Letter Lie and more.

Alter The Press: Hey Brian, what you been up to recently?
Brian Nagan: I am just chillin on the road right now, we have been on the road a lot lately. Livin the dream and catching up with football on sundays.

ATP: Your new album, 'A New Day', dropped last month. How has the response been so far?
BN: The response has been good. It has been a transition for all of us, but it's going well. We haven't slowed down, haven't skipped a beat and have been on the road non stop.

ATP: Before Kevin (Skaff - guitarist) and Derek (Smith - drums) left the band, did they have any input with the new record?
BN: We were working on a record when Kevin left, so when he left we scrapped all that and started over.

ATP: Was it a shock when Kevin and Derek said they wanted to quit the band?
BN: Life goes on. When you're offered a chance to play sold out shows and get a pay check, I guess it's pretty easy to walk out on your best friends. Derek is now playing music he enjoys right now and is passionate about.

ATP: Has John (Waltmann) settled in from the switch from bass to guitar?
BN: Definitely. He is playing so well. The switch has been great. He wrote a ton of new music for this record and it is showing. He is working really hard. It's been nice.

ATP: You were supposed to come back to the UK this year, what happened?
BN: We are coming in April next year with Our Last Night!

ATP: What's next for Four Letter Lie?
BN: We will be on the road from now until the end of 2010! So be sure to come hang out with us!

ATP: Have you been working on any new material?
BN: Yeah! We are already writing new stuff and doing some demoing while we are on the road.

ATP: Will the next record be with Victory Records?
BN: Yeah.

ATP: Anything else you would like to add?
BN: Thanks for the interview! And thank you to any of you that listen to this band. We are your band. Much love and god bless.

A New Day is out now on Victory Records.

- Jon Ableson

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