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Interview: Person L

Experimental indie rock band Person L released their 2nd album 'The Positives'. Alter The Press! talked Person L frontman Kenny Vasoli about the bands new album, its vinyl release, their UK deal with Syclla Records and more.

ATP: You've just released 'The Positives'. What can fans expect to hear from the album?
Kenny Vasoli: It's probably best to come into the record with no expectations. This record goes everywhere that we wanted to go, I'm very proud of how it turned out.

ATP: How has the reaction been so far?
KV: Its been great so far, just about all the feedback we've heard has been very positive. People have been very kind.

ATP: The new album has that rough sound but at the same time sounds accessible. Was this something you had planned from the start?
KV: We definitely planned to make a realistic sounding garage-type record, at the same time we wanted it to have a lot of texture and color.

ATP: It also a record that covers various genres and has bits of experimentation. Is this an idea you want to expand on in the future?
KV: t also a record that covers various genres and has bits of experimentation. Is this an idea you want to expand on in the future?

ATP: How would you advise listeners to approach the album?
KV: I'd urge everyone to keep an open mind and not compare it to bands that we've been in before. It needs to be heard objectively. The record is a wild ride if you let yourself go on it.

ATP: You've also recently released the record on vinyl. Are you fans of vinyl and if so why?
KV: I LOVE vinyl. My collection keeps growing. It always makes the album sound so warm. For older records especially, they sound the way they were meant to be heard. So many times I find details that I never noticed on any other format.

ATP: In a recent interview I read you were a fan of the 'pay-what-you-like' idea. Would this be a route you'd go in the future?
KV: Possibly. I have a project I'm planning to release sometime next year, it could be a good candidate for a pay-what-you-like release.

ATP: In the UK you're releasing the record on Syclla Records. Could you tell us how you hooked up with the label?
KV: I came to know them through the grapevine, I believe they were in touch with the Academy Fight Song. I'm glad we linked up, they've been great to us.

ATP: When can we expect to see Person L in the UK?
KV: As soon as possible, nothing is booked yet but it's definitely on our agenda.

ATP: How have the recent shows been with John Noland and Brian Bonz?
KV: They've been a lot of fun. We all get along swimmingly and have a great time together. The crowds have been very sweet to us as well.

ATP: How would you describe a normal Person L show?
KV: We always aim to be high energy. I like to dance and shake and freak out. We have a lot of fun on that stage together and I think that is clear to anyone watching.

ATP: As we come to end of the year, what is your music-related recommendation for 2010?
KV: The new Phoenix album is phenomenal, might be my album of the year pick.

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'The Positives' is available digitally on Syclla Records in the UK and will have its physical release next month.

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