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Racing Kites Member Leaves

Racing Kites' Alex Ziabko has left the band and has released a messege blow.

"Sometimes Things Just End

Hey, It’s Monday, 2nd of November and I’m sitting here trying to find the right words to say but I honestly feel like it has to come out. I decided to leave Racing Kites and this is probably one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my entire life. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always wanted to put out a record, tour, see the country, play in front of thousands of people and I can proudly say I have done that, i’ve slept on floors, i’ve slept in the van, been broke, you name it, we’ve done it. I’m sure this may come as a surprise to a lot of you and to some you saw it coming. Lately I’ve been extremely unhappy with the band and how I wish things could be different but I just couldn’t fake it anymore, those of you who know me, know I’m real and you can tell by my actions if something is wrong. I’ve worked so hard to push this band to the next level, often broke because I didn’t have a job, all I did was sit on my computer and worked publicity for the band, thought of new marketing ideas, spent countless hours writing new music. When my friends and family noticed my actions they approached me, I told them the truth and after having a few heart to hearts I decided it’s best to move on and do something else with my life. Racing Kites was a big chapter in my life because we’ve done so much that a lot of bands dream of doing from touring, being in magazines, shot a music video, radio shows, getting label offers, etc, A lot of you ask, why didn’t you sign? non of us were desperate to be on a label, we wanted to be part of a family and when things seemed far from it, we turned it down. Everything Racing Kites did was done on our own and I wanted to thank the fans for being so supportive, without you we would have no van, no trailer, no money to do anything and it’s all because of you that we survived in this industry for as long as we did but sometimes you feel the need to move on. I know the rest of the guys feel burnt out and I don’t think Racing Kites will continue but who knows, I wish them all best of luck in their future endeavors and I’ll miss the good times grinding it out on those long 15 hour drives just to catch the next show. Thank you to everyone who’s ever supported this band and our dreams, we can’t even begin to express the gratitude. I can sit here for days and days and list all of you but you know who you are, it’s been a journey but unfortunately it’s time for this chapter to end. Thank you again, I love you all so much.


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