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Winch House Split Up

Winch House have announced they are splitting up.

The band posted the following messege on their myspace:

"To Everyone Reading,

Unpredicted cirucmstances have lead to us, as WINCH HOUSE, to stop what we're doing. Fortunately, our passion for music and remaining friends with those we have met and grown to love, is too strong to just leave things go, so there will be something brand new soon I hope.

We have had the time of our lives being on the road the last 3 years, including over 100 shows this year alone, but so many member and line up changes and other un-mentioned events makes it impossible for us to continue as Winch House.

This finalised Line up that we have been for the last tour and for the shows with Lights is so strong, that it just seems like a waste on this.

I personally wrote the songs, and being years ago, I feel like I have matured too much in my writing to feel comfortable playing them every night. Jak (the only other original member) who has been by my side during all this, also feels like things need to be moved on in a different direction.

We're a stronger family now, than we ever have been, and we've made some ridiculously close friends over the last year or so, people that we would never have met if we weren't in this band, and for that I'll never be able to express how grateful we all are to have met people.

I hope everyone continues to support us now, where we need it more than ever before.

Thanks so much

Alex, Jak, Carl, Gav"

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