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Album Review: Fiorentina - Traditions EP

Following a string of tours across England, Fiorentina’s debut EP 'Traditions' has been released with hopes of launching the acoustic pop duo towards greater things. It is certainly not a bad start, as this three song EP showcases the bands style and song writing capabilities quite ably.

It begins with “Greatest View”, which the band is hoping to use as their first single. The song immediately establishes the Fiorentina sound, which is catchy acoustic pop coupled with tales of lost love. The two guitars play off each other well, as main vocalist Frase recounts the crumbling of relationship.

“This Time Last Year” continues in that tradition, adding in some interesting tempo changes and a simple piano backing melody. The piano isn’t prominent at first, but its inclusion in the song pays off in differentiating it from the first track. The song eventually builds to a strong point which shows off both vocalists and their guitar playing abilities.

The last song, “How to Burn Bridges” builds on this still, with added use of backup vocals and piano. The final minute of this song saves it from sounding too similar to the previous ones, as it slows the tempo and focuses on the piano melody and duelling guitars before fading out with just the haunting piano.

If there was one qualm about this EP, it would be that the songs sound a little too similar. Acoustic guitar strumming and songs about relationships can and have sold plenty of records, but it seems like the boys from Fiorentina could have a little more up their sleeves. Hopefully we will be seeing this very soon, as Fiorentina have made an EP which is very easy to listen to, and contains a lot of potential.


'Traditions' EP by Fiorentina is available now and can be purchased here.

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