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Album Review: Jonah Matranga/Kevin Seconds - Split 7''

In the past both Jonah Matranga and Kevin Seconds have released split EPs with a numerous artists and bands. Matranga with Frank Turner and Seconds with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio). For some both individuals are known for their work in bands, such as Far (Matranga) and 7Seconds (Seconds).

This brief 4-track EP starts off rather strange as Jonah's tongue-in-cheek. electro-pop auto-tuned vocals, is definitely a departure from his previous work but for the most part, it is a joke track especially with a title like 'I've Always Wanted To Write A Song Commanding People To Dance!'. His 2nd track 'Daylight' sees Matranga in more comfortable surroundings, with echo-y vocals and distant acoustic guitar notes creating a somewhat beautiful track that is all too brief.

Kevin Seconds brings some normality to proceedings with his acoustic punk number with a slightly catchy chorus ('Grip Yr Own'). 'Life Unknown' closes the EP with more of Seconds' folk-punk that sounds sensible and is easy going with backing vocal harmonies that suit the track well.

With only a run time of just under 10 minutes, it is hard to give an overall feel of this 7". Whilst Jonah's tracks show experimentation and his 2nd track being the highlight, Seconds' comfortably acoustic style proves to more favourable.


'Jonah Matranga/Kevin Seconds Split 7"' by Jonah Matranga/Kevin Seconds is released on December 22nd on Canada's Blacktop Records.

Sean Reid

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