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Alter The Press! - Albums Of 2009: (10-9)

2009 has been an incredible year for new music and we at Alter The Press! have felt really spoiled for choice when choosing this year's top ten albums.

After the process of narrowing it down to the final ten, we managed to speak to majority of the artists featured and reflected on how the year had been for them, what to expect from them in 2010 and more.

We proudly present our top ten albums of 2009!

10) Brian Bonz - 'From Sumi To Japan'

Alter The Press: How was 2009 for you?
Brian Bonz: 2009 was great. A ton of my friends took me out on tour, we worked hard as a band, and I feel like I've grown a lot as a person. I'm ready to be an adult. I guess Mushrooms can be life changing.

ATP: How did you hook up with Jesse Lacey, Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra?
Brian: I met Kevin a few years back through some friends, and dug his material. I joined a band called Pablo with my brother - We eventually began writing the Bonz record and joined Kevins band. I met Jesse shortly after that who ended up offering me a run of dates in the West Coast and put me in front of 900 people a night. All those dudes have seriously stuck out there necks for me and brought me up. They also have been super encouraging and always have valid advice. Manchester are family as well.

ATP: How did you sign to Triple Crown Records?
Brian: Brian Lane of Brand New and Kevins manager introduced me to him at a show one night. He emailed me later that week asking for the rest of the material, and was interested in putting it out. Triple Crown has been a great label to us, and I am happy we didn't sign our souls away to an odd big corporation.

ATP: 'From Sumo To Japan', how would you describe it in your own words?
Brian: It's a 30-40 minute record about growth, fights, relationships, distance and escape.

ATP: Who would you say you've drawn influence from?
Brian: Bjork, Sam Cooke, The Crystals, Broken Social Scene, DeBarge.

ATP: Best tour of 2009?
Brian: Kevin Devine and Person L/John Nolan.

ATP: Will Brian Bonz eventually make it to the UK?
Brian: We are currently trying to release it over there now.

ATP: What's in store for 2010 for Brian Bonz?
Brian: Making another record based about New York State. If baby Sufjan can make the BQE, I can make my Belt Parkway. Im kidding. We are making another album though and tour more.

9) Matt and Kim - 'Grand'

Alter The Press: How has 2009 been for you?
Kim Schifino (drums): It has been incredible. So much has been happening that it made this year fly by!

ATP: 'Grand' has been your most commercially successful album to date. MTV VMA and Woodie Award, what was your response when getting the news?
Kim: We were on tour when the VMA's were happening. I was shocked that we were nominated. We were up against some big named artists. I thought it was nice to be nominated but really didn't think we would win. We were in Illinois doing a show when we found out. Matt was blowing up a bunch of beach balls to throw out during our show and he thought he was lightheaded and imagined it. I will admit when I got the call, I was jumping up and down and crying. I don't know why I was crying! I was just so excited.

ATP: Tracks have even been picked up by huge TV shows such as, 'Don't Slow Down' on Gossip Girl. How did this happen?
Kim: I am not sure but I will say Matt and I are fans of all the teen drama's! Gossip Girl, The OC (when it was on), Melrose Place (does that count as a teen drama?), Friday Night Lights, 90210. Yeah, I bet you didn't expect that!

ATP: Best tour of 2009?
Kim: We did a US tour in September - October, it was a sold out tour with incredible shows. Everyone was ready to get crazy with us. I also feel like i really perfected my Beyonce like dance moves on stage! I dropped it low!!

ATP: When are you coming back to the UK?
Kim: It looks like we are heading back in May-June to tour festivals. I hear i have to invest in a pair of those big wet boots cause it gets muddy. I don't think it would be easy to play drums in them!

ATP: Plans for 2010?
Kim: We will finish writing in January and then recording in February-March. Our first show back will be Coachella and then as we do, we will tour non stop for the rest of the year! We were talking about taking a two week vacation in April and going to one of those Club Med type spots. I am not really into the Club Med vibe but I really want to be able to order a drink from a bar that I have to swim to while in a pool!

ATP: What releases are you looking forward to in 2010?
Kim: Is it weird to say "our release"?! I am also waiting for TI to get out of jail so he can record a new album.

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