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Exclusive: Tegan and Sara - Albums Of 2009

With our albums of the year feature on the way, we thought this time we would ask a selection of our favorite artists what their favorite albums of 2009 were.

Up first is Canadian indie rock/pop duo, Tegan and Sara who separately listed their top five favorite albums of the year:

Sara Quin's Top Five Albums of 2009:

1) The XX - 'S/T'

This band reminds me of a time in the late 1990's when I was listening to a lot of electronic music and R&B. I was dating a girl who was a modern dancer and she would make me mix tapes to listen to on my walkman (yes, a walkman). I have a feeling that 'Islands' would have made one of her mix tapes. It's the only record I've heard this year that made me think about making out instead of washing my floors or re-organizing my shoe closet. Not that there is anything wrong with music that makes me want to clean (see the rest of my top five).

2) The Dream - 'Love VS Money'

When I listen to 'My Love', I imagine myself singing the Mariah Carey parts. "Explain my love, I don't need everybody way up in our business...they on my back like a shirt, get off me baby...who's in love with your ass like crazy". Amazing. Who would sing the boy parts? Maybe....

3) Mos Def - 'The Ecstatic'

My favorite voice in hip-hop, next to Talib Kweli. This album made me think a lot about A Tribe Called Quest and I immediately wanted to be in the back of my friend Mitch's car in 1996.

4) Lightning Dust - 'Infinite Light'

From the moment I heard the first song, especially the harmony 27 seconds in, I was in love with this album. I cried a few times and it quickly moved to my "Do not listen in public, especially on the subway" list, but I still listen to it on airplanes and while making supper.

5) Phoenix - 'Wolfgang Amadeus'

Starting to tour this crazy world again...bus dance party music, especially when you're the kind of party that only has one dance move. Jumping up and down and singing the chorus in a clump of ten bodies! This album has the perfect songs for that sort of tom-foolery.

Tegan Quin's Top Five Albums of 2009:

1) The Thermals - 'The Body, The Blood, The Machine'

I was late to game with The Thermals. I love this record so much. It was Chris Walla
who brought them to my attention. He talked about them a lot while we were recording
'The Con' and I never paid any attention. While we were making 'Sainthood' in the 
spring he played a few songs in the studio and I finally "got it".

2) Gossip - 'Music For Men'

I've been a fan of the Gossip for years, but this record by far is my favorite. I truly
think its a brilliant record. 'Heavy Cross' has been on heavy rotation in my house 
for months. 

3) AFI - 'Crash Love'

AFI is the kind of band I wish I were in sometimes secretly. There hasn't been a record 
this decade from them that I haven't overplayed and obsessed over. This one is no different 
than the others. Each song is my favorite currently.

4) Say Hi - 'Oohs & Aahs'
I can't remember how I came across Say Hi but one day I did. I bought the record
and I've been quietly plotting to invite them on tour even since. I love finding bands that have been 
around many years and have 3-5 records before the one I am listening to, so then I can "discover" them for the next year easily.

5) Steel Train - 'Trampoline'

I met Jack Antanoff a few weeks ago. He seemed funny and nice. I knew of his other band
.fun and I like them. Recently I saw Jack's second band, Steel Train, open for Hanson in Los Angeles. 
I was blown away. I got the record at the show, from the merchandise table, opened the plastic
on my way down to the car, put in the cd and haven't stopped listening since. It is painfully good.

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