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Interview: Metro Station - 10/12/2009

Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso of the synth/pop outfit Metro Station sat down with Alter The Press! whilst in the UK supporting pop superstar Miley Cyrus on a sold out arena tour.

The duo spoke to ATP about the US portion of the Miley Cyrus tour, Blake Healey's depature from the band, signing with Miley's management, new material, a possible Metro Station reality TV show and more.

Alter The Press: How was the Miley Cyrus US tour?
Trace Cyrus (vocals/lead guitar): Amazing. We are in the UK now, for a month, and it's honestly been the best tour we've had the opportunity to do. It's been sold out arenas every night, I'm with my family and I'm with my band. Life's good.

Mason Musso (lead vocals/rhythm guitar): It's been great. Just being on that kind of tour is incredible to play, in front of that many kids.

ATP: Being a pop/synth band, what were your expectations for how the crowd would respond to you?
Trace: We didn't know what to expect. This has been a younger audience to any tour that we've ever done, but it's been the same every night. After the first couple songs, the people figure out what we are all about. When we walk out, people are a little shocked by our appearance, but they get overwhelmed by the music and get into it. Everyone really seems into the set after the first couple of songs, so every night has been great. We couldn't ask for a better response.

ATP: Playing these huge arenas, does it ever make you miss playing the small clubs?
Trace: Yeah, we definitely miss it, but not enough to go back. We are happy right now where we are at. It's a good feeling to be here, and we want to stay here for as long as we can.

ATP: Recently, Blake Healey (keyboards/bass) left the band. It hasn't been touched on really, what exactly happened?
Mason: He's getting married right now and he felt that he really needed to focus on his marriage.

Trace: It was definitely a shock for us, we never expected it, but the road takes a toll on your mind and your body. I think he had all he could take. We all lose our minds at some point on the road, and I think he finally lost his; he needed to go home to clear his head.

ATP: Do you still keep in contact?
Trace: He hasn't called me or Mason since the brake-up but he called Anthony (Improgo - drums) once.

ATP: Have you spoken about recruiting another member?
Mason: We haven't really talked about it.

Trace: We are trying to keep it a three piece because, regardless, me and Mason are going to write all the music, all the songs, so it's not like we need someone else to help us with song writing or anything. Maybe, if someone who played keyboards and does production blew our mind; but right now, it hasn't really been talked about.

ATP: The self-titled album has been out for two years now in the US, have you been working on any new material?
Mason: We have been writing since our first album came out but we've just been on the road. The new album will be about what we've gone through these last two years.

ATP: Have you been demoing at all?
Trace: Yes. We've actually just got a bunch of new equipment actually. Right now, especially in London, we are trying to write as much as we can.

ATP: Have you set a time where you'll be going into the studio?
Trace: Straight after this tour; for two months. Hopefully in Spring 2010 there will be a release.

ATP: Have you chosen a producer yet?
Mason: A couple of people have been talked about.

Trace: We are going to work with a couple of people this time because we've learnt about a lot of people, and we want to experiment this time round.

ATP: What can people expect from the new material?
Trace: The same thing, just darker and more mature. It's "dark dance club music,” that's what I like to call it.

Mason: It's more about what we've been up to the last two years and how we've been growing as a band and everything. It'll be both, pop and sometimes go into a darker place.

ATP: You were with Crush Management previously (represent Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Panic! At The Disco) but have now signed with the same management as Miley Cyrus. Why the switch?
Trace: We thought it was time to go in a different direction. It was a great starting point working for us, with that management group, and it definitely got us to the best point we could’ve ever been at; we thought that we got to a level where we needed to take it to a different level. We want to be more of a pop band. I'm sure we'll play shows with loads of those bands, but we feel now, that these people have our back, and, at the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you and this situation is best for us right now.

ATP: Do you ever miss playing these, still large, arena shows with bands like Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship etc?
Mason: I still want to play those shows. We want to be on tour with those guys.

Trace: After this tour, and we blow up, we'll take those bands on tour with us. It's not like it's out of the question, we just want to play shows with people like Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown etc. We are trying to expand, not only be in that one area of music, we want to be in all areas of music like hip-hop, pop, pop/punk etc.

ATP: What is the plan for Metro Station in 2010?
Trace: Create a new record for two months in the studio, then do the same thing we did like the first time round, tour the world. Have songs even better then 'Shake It,’ things can only get better for us.

ATP: Are there plans to release a live DVD/live album to keep fans going while you’re in the studio?
Trace: We haven't spoken about a live DVD, but there have been talks about us doing a reality TV show. That's something we really want to do.

ATP: What releases are you looking forward to in 2010?
Trace: I don't know. There haven't been a lot of recent acts that have come out which have impressed me. I have been listening to a lot of older music lately.

Mason: White Lies are really good; I've been listening to them a lot.

Metro Station's self-titled album is out now on Columbia Records.

- Jon Ableson

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