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RATM In Line For UK X-Mas Number 1

Rage Against The Machine are currently ahead of the UK 'X-Factor' reality TV show by 36,681 copies.

Earlier this morning (December 17th), the band appeared on BBC Radio Five live and guitarist Tom Morello stated why the band were backing the fan-attempt of making them the UK Christmas number one.

"People are tired of being spoon fed one schmaltzy ballad after another. They want to take back their own charts. We're honoured they've chosen our song to be the rebel anthem to topple The X Factor monopoly. People aren't buying 'Killing In The Name' to protest a record coming out on a major company. We wrote 'Killing In The Name' in a small industrial slum in Los Angeles. The X Factor song is written by a cabal of overpaid songwriters to shove the schmaltzy business down your throats. So there is two very different choices. The thing the listeners need to know is, it's a really close race and its a real liberating musical revolution and we’re honoured to be a part of it."

To help make Rage Against The Machine the UK Christmas number one, you can purchase 'Killing In The Name' for just 29p HERE.

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