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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Confirm Break Up

A full statement from Scary Kids Scaring Kids can be read by clicking read more.

"First of all we would like to thank everybody who has supported Scary Kids Scaring Kids since the moment we decided to pick up our instruments and leave our homes to travel the world. We have created a strong kinship with our fans, which are much more than people of the same interests; you’ve become our family away from home.

To get it out of the way quickly, yes we are breaking up and yes we will be embarking on our final tour in the month January. We are doing this to say goodbye in person to all the friends that have ever supported us and we’ll be making it even more special by touring with some of the bands that have become brothers to us on the road. The reason we are ending the band is very simple. We created this band together as juniors in high school and though we’ve been able to grow together for many years, inevitably we have also grown apart. We’ve had some very serious difficulties over the years as a lot of you can probably relate to as well. Life throws us all something different and we’ve decided that the best thing for us personally is to end the band on a positive note and start new chapters in our individual lives. We don’t want this thing that we’ve created to become the source of ultimate negativity and we’d rather remember the great times we’ve had together and move forward knowing we tried our best and had more good times than bad.

Though we can’t say for sure what all of our futures will hold, I can say for sure that a few of us will continue following our passion for creating music. In our first years of touring many of you have welcomed us into your homes and we’ve even shared meals together. Even though we are very bummed that this band is ending, we couldn’t be happier about the friends we’ve made and the experiences we’ve shared. Experiences that without a doubt would never exist without Scary Kids."

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