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Thee Armada Split Up

Thee Armada have announced they are splitting up and will play a final show on January 16th.

A message from the band can be read by clicking read more.

"Well Here it is...

..First off, yes, Thee Armada will be ending it's quasi-successful run on January 16th 2010. I have had some of the best memories with those guys and this band because of the fans and friends we've met along the way. I'm so beside myself that people are so into us and that means the world to me. It's strange to think about it when you step back. I swore that if Thee ended I would throw in the towel to a serious project again because it is very demanding, draining yet rewarding. It's a drug; period. The other guys and I (sans Josh) started writing some new jams and I ALREADY am getting excited. So we've decided to give this music thing ONE more shot as a serious go. I think we have the know how, the talent and the marketing skills to push our band to be more successful than Thee Armada.

To get the story straight, Josh has been given an opportunity of a lifetime to sing for another band and given the state that Thee was in, which was quite limbo, he made the decision to take that offer. We wish him luck and hope he succeeds. There is no bad blood or hard feelings. It was a FUN run as Thee. I never in a million years thought that I'd be on MTV, iTunes, Touring the country multiple times, played with SOOOOO many great bands and met so many cool people.

So PLEASE be on the look out for our (the remaining members) new project. I think you guys will dig it hardcore and we can't wait to show you.

Keep up with the other guys on twitter:

@theebrian @armadataylor @theemikearmada @bryanarmada



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