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Album Review: Adalie - Awake

Adalie are currently thriving within the alternative scene in their home town of Philidelphia, USA. Citing the likes of Glassjaw, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday and Funeral for a Friend as big influences the band deliver emotional aggressive yet melodic rock that will appeal to the masses.

With their debut release ‘Awake’ you get a collection of 4 songs, and an interlude, that will literally stick in your head long after you’ve finished listening. Is this the sign of a band on the verge of huge mainstream success? Well in my opinion it’s definitely a start.

Opening song ‘The Will to Escape’ kicks of with heavy guitars before Adalie’s distinctive dual vocals come into play. Its not your classic shout/scream duel that you may expect with the bands mentioned before. Adalie manage to come across both melodic yet aggressive in a way that many bands have failed in the past. The two vocalists compliment each other perfectly and gives the band a good diversity.

2nd track ‘The Muted Light’ really ups the emotional angst on this EP and in my opinion this band sure do it better than many others in an overcrowded scene. We finally get the odd growl and the Glassjaw influence becomes apparent here.

After a quick interlude the final song, ‘86’d and Alone’ is probably the best on the cd and an excellent finish leaving you wishing that there was more.

My only disappointment of this debut EP is that the songs are all too much the same. However they are good songs and the band shows much promise, I’ll look forward to hearing what they decide to come up with next. If they up their game further then I’m sure they will have a bright future ahead of them.


'Awake' by Adalie is available now.

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Matt Buck

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